Lay-By Terms & Conditions

Placing an order for Services / Products on lay-by
1.1 You may purchase Product(s) and Services through Second Skin Tattooing, through the use of Lay-By. Minimum Lay-By permitted $150.
1.2 Lay-By’s, can only be placed at Second Skin Tattooing, with an initial Lay-By deposit of $50 (minimum amount accepted).
1.3 Lay-by’s can only be made by persons over the age of 17 years.
1.4 Current drivers licence or other recognised identification must be presented at the time of lay-by, payments and final collection. Excludes phone credit card payments.
1.5 All product services and quotes provided are subject to change without notice.
1.6 Service quotes are only estimation, meaning actual time and cost associated to complete each service may vary due to unforeseen circumstances.
1.7 Client variations in services, artwork and concept will result in a new Lay-By estimated, making the previous service quote invalid.
1.8 No artwork will provided until the Lay-By has sufficient credit to enable a service to be undertaken and booked. Artwork will be available for viewing 7-14 days prior to your scheduled appointment.
1.9 Withdrawals on Lay-By credited amounts will not be authorised under any circumstances.
Acceptance or rejection of a Lay-By
2.1 In certain circumstances, we may need to reject your lay-by, including but not limited to where the requested service cannot legally be provided or the service is not within constitution guide lines of Second Skin Tattooing.
2.2 Lay-by’s on behalf of other persons or persons under the age of 17 will not be accepted under any circumstances.
Fees and charges for lay-by orders
3.1 No administration fee is charged on Lay-By’s, (“Excluding Cancelation Fee”).
3.2 At the time of placing your Lay-By for services / Products, you may nominate a monthly deposit amount of no less than $50 a month.
3.3 Instalments / payments are to be made at least once a month. However weekly and fortnightly payments will also be accepted.
Payment Schedule.
4.1 All fees and charges identified in these terms and conditions and all prices for the Services / Products include GST where applicable.
4.2 Lay-By payments must be made monthly, every 30 days from the commencement of the Lay-by.
5.2 All Lay-By payments are required to be made in store or over the phone, with an appropriate payment method listed in 5.1.
5.4 You must not pay, or attempt to pay, any instalment amounts through any fraudulent or unlawful means.
5.5 We will provide you with a receipt (if required) at time of your payment, specifying the amount paid and credited amount.
5.5 Your Lay-by card will be updated and retained by Second Skin Tattooing.
6.1 You may cancel of your Layby, however this is subject to a 25% cancellation fee.
6.2 The cancellation percentage is based on the Lay-By credited amount at the time of cancellation.
6.3 Cancellations due to a lapsing payment of 60 days or greater will forfeit all credited Lay-By funds to Second Skin Tattooing.
6.4 All reasonable attempts will be made to contact clients with lapsing payments, which will be documented on the customers Lay –By card.
6.5 Appointment cancellations or no shows with less than 72 hours’ notice will forfeit the entire hourly amount associated with that booking, for there credited Lay-By amount. Exceptions to this rule are outlined in 6.5.
6.6 Clients unable to attend a scheduled appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, may retain their full Lay-By amount under the following provisions. Documentation must be supplied with 48 hours of cancellation or no show, unless otherwise arranged.
(a) Medical Certificate provided; or
(b) Police Event Number provided.
Cancelling or varying a lay-by order